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“Quads are my thing.” He opened the short program by landing two quads, one opening a quad-triple combination.

That extended his streak of successful quads to 20 over 3½ competitions, including seven each in two of the events.

Edges were added by the Dutch in the 13th or 14th century.

International figure skating competitions began appearing in the late 19th century—in 1891, the European Championships were inaugurated in Hamburg, Germany, and in 1896, the first World Championships were held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire.

(For perspective: It is less than a decade since seeing a man do two successful quads in a competition was noteworthy.) Then Chen fell on a triple axel, the jump that long has been his nemesis. “That was a mistake that could have been avoided.” The crash cost him at least four points for that element and impacted his execution and scores for the footwork and spin that immediately followed.

Those mistakes left him sixth with 97.33 points, nearly 12 behind short program winner Javier Fernandez of Spain (109.05), world champion the past two years.

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Most of them often end up losing muscles and appear rail-thin and strung-out on stage.

But he is only 4.8 behind third-place finisher (and three-time world champion) Patrick Chen of Canada, a gap Nathan may try to close by trying an unprecedented six quads in Saturday’s free skate.

“It depends on how my (skating) boots and body are holding up,” Chen said. Six quads is kind of like a dream, I guess.” All season long, Chen has been making both his dreams and skating exploits that seem fantastical come true.

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