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Ellen Pao, a co-founder of Project Include, says the group’s goal “is to give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech and …to get more companies to build inclusive environments where everyone can succeed.” In March 2015, Ellen Pao took the stand in a packed San Francisco courtroom and described the unfair treatment she says she endured as a woman in a prestigious, male-dominated Silicon Valley venture capital firm.Welcome to In The Capital’s ‘A Day in the Life’, an article series where we spotlight a noteworthy person in the local D. community whose day-to-day life is so interesting/fascinating/all-around fantastic that it warrants our readership’s attention.Sammy and his business partner Amber Wason are realtors who work as The Amber & Sammy Group at Evers & Co.We’ve previously spoken to Sammy about the rigors of being a young professional working in D. real estate, a career arc that was relatively rare for younger people but has become a growing trend locally as the market continues to grow in the city.Between running around various properties in the city, closing contracts on homes, or grabbing drinks with friends, Sammy lives one of the more interesting lives around the city.

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An OKCupid user in his 20s described the representation of online dating in “as the refuse of desperate neckbeards and sexual predators masquerading as someone else,” yet what he values most about online dating is its transparency.Sophia Putney-Wilcox: I kept saying to my mom, “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die,” and she was like, “Sophie, it’s OK.” Kristin Putney | Sophia’s mother: I just tried to be as calm as I could and try to just reassure her. Kristin Putney: Two officers were waiting there for us. And I believe this is what I’m here for, to share my story. Sophia Putney-Wilcox: The police came in and were just asking me questions. ” I just said “yes.” And that’s the last conscious memory I have before my surgery. “Oh my God, I’m alive.” I just felt there’s a reason I’m here., Nora Ephron’s 1998 revamp of the earlier classic, Meg Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly (screen name: “Shopgirl”) and Tom Hanks’ Joe Fox (“NY152”) fire up their modems to ping e-mails at each other.

In Ephron’s All of these films would inevitably play out differently in today’s age of online dating and social media.

Sophia Putney-Wilcox: He did a lot of different things when he was angry.