Drupal activity stream not updating

05-Sep-2019 19:55

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this does not used to happen with earlier versions of commons, This is happening with current 7.x-3.x-dev version of commons. Per Devin's comment, the Lingotek team is looking into how that project can accelerate the process of translating Message entities into other languages. With it enabled the uploaded "site error.jpg" of the "Commons Activity Streams - Activity (Site-wide) (Message)" view is shown.

Marking a fixed but feel free to re-open with any questions or clarifications. With it disabled the uploaded "site no error.jpg" of the "Commons Activity Streams - Activity (Site-wide) (Message)" is shown.

The generated output of a view is by default static.

What if you want to have a dynamic activity stream as you know it from Twitter or Facebook?

Getting the following:- Recent site activity 2 days ago 2 days ago 5 days ago 6 days ago with no description of the activity, but only in the Anonymous front page. Note: bottom left preview, with and without description of activity.

Displays correctly when logged in, and the patch referred to immediately above had no effect. This affects the displayed "Recent site activity" when logged in.

Allow Drupal's unofficial slogan to answer that question: There is a module for that!

The module in question is "Views Hacks" and contains another module called "Views Auto-Refresh".

I placed block in the panels and view with statuses is not refreshed.

then added div.view-statuses-stream into Refreshable DOM selectors, but it did not help either. I have a user panel page and a status block setup set to enable showing a view, But the status section will not update on the panel.

Normal pages refresh just fine (statuses/share etc.)Obviously I'm not seeing this, so someone who is seeing this needs to either do some debugging or explain how to reproduce this behavior from a clean installation.

How it appears is shown below Recent site activity about 11 hours ago about 11 hours ago about 12 hours ago 7 days ago 7 days ago When using Lingotek, you'll need to manually copy all of the message text from website's default language to the other installed languages as mentioned in steps 6 and 7 of the Displaying your site in other languages Commons documentation.

Adding Message API translation support to Lingotek is being worked on in Its not the problem with lingotek but with 'locale' module, When I disabled locale module using 'drush pm-disable locale -y' then It was showing 'recent site activities'. I seem to be able to switch on and off the erroneous "Recent site activity" display when logged on by enabling and disabling the Locale 7.32 module.

There is a blog post about how to implement this module in order to get it to work as you want to, but it seems like this post doesn't cover all of the aspects that are implemented in the "dev"-version.