Updating figure numbers in word

07-Apr-2020 06:26

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Manually making and saving changes to the document does not help as the problem reoccurs each time I print or export it. — Update: I found a solution for another reader who was experiencing similar caption problems. ANSWER: It sounds like several unrelated problems are happening at the same time.

This can be very annoying for people who are reviewing your new document.The problem I am encountering is that neither the List of Figures not eh List of Tables are displaying all the figures and tables in the doucmeutn.There are 5 figures in the doc, but the List only displays the first two; there are two tables in the doc but the List of Tables only displays the second.I am having problems with a document that uses Word captions and heading styles. However, when I go to print the document (or even print preview), the formatting changes.

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Images that I have previously deleted from the document reappear, text that should be a normal style changes to captions (both of these styles are customised), and spaces appear before or after cross-references to figure captions.

The purpose of this tutorial is to assist you in updating the List of Table (LOT), List of Figures (LOF) and List of Objects (LOO) within the Microsoft Word Formatting Template.