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30-Jan-2020 07:45

This view shows only the internal memory consumption and does not display media or data saved to the SD card.

After reviewing how much memory is being used by applications or games, and media, a decision can be made to either move data or delete applications by following any of the actions below.

If data is unable to be moved out of internal memory another option is to delete applications.Direct Update is then activated automatically Once activated, it will be enforced on every request to a protected resource.Supported Cordova platforms Direct Update is supported in the Cordova i OS and Cordova Android platforms.Device-based applications can miss updates because the Apple ID is removed from the license-assignment process.

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Air Watch checks the app store for updates of your device-based VPP applications and identifies when updates are available in the UI.

Direct Update in development, testing, and production For development and testing purposes, developers typically use Direct Update by simply uploading an archive to the development server.