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28-Dec-2019 05:59

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But personally knowing this business, seeing it in my friend's situations and heading there myself and especially the particular entertainment business that is Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a very good marketing technique to deviate tabloids into a less obscure rumor such evasion, rape accusations, racist remarks and anything that could hinder their careers. But It would not also be un common if they did started to go out as a result of it.In usual GACKT fashion the VK icon is showing off his body, however, in this new photo he’s lowered his pants to show of a little more! Check out some of the netizen comments below and let us know what you think!Currently the photo has amassed 33.3k likes, but it wouldn’t be complete without people offering their unsolicited opinions on his body and dragging his dear old friend Ayumi Hamasaki in the process. Japan have compiled a list of the most juicy and shocking scandals of years past, all featuring your favorites idols, singers, actors and celebrities!Starting out our juicy scandal picks is the infamous Koki Tanaka.A Japanese magazine, FRIDAY reported that the alleged couple went to a high class French restaurant and dined there for around three hours eating and sipping wine.They stated that the couple got acquainted through the music festival "A-nation" last year and became closer.

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It's said that the only lights on in his home are always candles. I'm sure the people who visit have their way around memorized. " JRock is a special term used for a Japanese Rock Singer. Although Gackt is very talented and very popular, he never seems to take himself too seriously. Now, you're probably sitting there going "OK, now, what does this individual do? However, he's always willing to try anything once, even when it makes him look like a complete fool. You made decisions which don’t seem to alter the storyline.

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I LOVE U GACKT” is just one of many in the market, and in comparison, game play is extremely linear and basic.

They are after all both under the same label Avex ent. Artists are really crafted, trained and moved all over like chess pieces. This could also be the end of that card to protect their careers in publicity.