Dating a man in the military tips

20-Mar-2020 12:41

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We know it can be tricky to get things started when you're serving in the army so we've come up with some simple advice to help you make sure that your new romance can flourish no matter where you're stationed. Like so many others who wear a uniform to work army singles have dedicated their lives to the service of others.They undergo vigorous training just so as to be able to defend the country (and get abs! Single army guys also have what it takes to stay calm in the midst of a crisis - you know in case you ever need to detonate a bob Mac Gyver style, or, more likely, save the neighbor’s cat from a tree.Whether your high school sweetheart has just joined up or you recently met a soldier who swept you off your feet, take a hard look at the reality behind the romantic image.

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Relocation and deployment occur with little warning.

You should also consider the possibility that these demands will not be accepted by just anyone.

A person with understanding and compassion, and not to mention acceptance, will be there for you no matter how many miles end up between you.

Make sure to be up front about what your job may end up taking away from the time you can commit to a relationship. If there is someone you are interested in, you gotta say hello! A lot of people (civilians) are workaholics as it is, and this is a great way to meet new people.

The person who will be the right match understand this. You will never know who, what, or how a person is and how they can complement and fit into your life if you don’t take that first step. Military personnel—especially active duty—are busy most of the time.

Though I’m no stranger to military men (my grandfather, father and brother were all enlisted), this is the first time I have dated a soldier. I’ve seen a lot of websites that list ten things an Army girlfriend should remember and do, and some of them made great points. And your honey could be shipped out at any time, for months or years. Many of these are difficult and sometimes disturbing. If he wants to talk about his life in the Army, be it the crazy times with the guys in his unit, the tedium of the everyday, or even the tougher times, let him be the one to broach the subject.