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LP said that visitors must accept substandard accommodation, rickety transportation and – God forbid! Blog posts and Trip Advisor reviews from just a few years ago confirmed all this, plus said that Myanmar had no chain stores and no cell phone coverage.

This is Day 5 and we have just arrived at Addo Elephant park.

We had to go a little off the beaten path to find both. We arrived at our first stop, an equestrian farm, owned by my partners incredible friends. Not that we any idea that was the case at the time. Bleak, I retired myself to reading the inspiring literature, John Lloyd’s ‘Smart thinking for Crazy Times’ and getting in a full day of work on the wireframe for my business app.

We had been kindly invited to stay at for a few days. On a farm, surrounded by horses, chickens, family and friends. I had a paragliding tandem appointment scheduled for the next day. The first people who greeted me in the morning were a chicken, named Lucky, a pony, a mare and her 2 week old foal. Making the best of bad news, we instead took a trip to the harbour in Knysna for a late lunch. After that we went up to the Knysna Heads to watch the sun settle to bed and after a long day quickly followed suit. I instinctively knew there would be no paragliding today. For lunch our hosts invited us for lunch at a little spot not to far from them.

Flights to the airport, which has no radar system and is a hostage to unpredictable mountain weather, are frequently cancelled and pilots need to be highly skilled.

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Even though Myanmar borders India, I was still surprised that it reminded me of its neighbor, in large part because I didn’t think any place could remind me of the madness of India!

Read More Category: Myanmar, Photo Essay, Photography Tagged: Burma, Myanmar, Myanmar street photography, Photo Essay, Photography, Street Photography, Train, Travel, Yangon, Yangon Circle Train, Yangon street photography In researching my recent trip to Myanmar, I was having a hard time finding up-to-date information about the rapidly changing country.