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17-Jan-2020 21:29

My bro N I went to our first Aryanfest this last weekend in Phoenix.

It was just mind blowing on the amount of brothers and sisters out there all living, breathing, and working for the cause. The bros from Volksfront were not only helpful, but very professional as well.

But more than supporting virtual communication among often isolated members, the web has proved invaluable for organizing real-world gatherings of Aryans that cultivate and nurture a sense of community.

After more than eight years of studying white power activism in the United States — research that includes more than 100 interviews with movement leaders and members, observation of a wide range of Aryan activities, and extensive analysis of the white power movement’s cyberpresence — we see the Aryan cyberculture as a critical piece in explaining how this marginalized and highly stigmatized movement continues to retain its members and cultivate new ones.

Today, with a simple keyword search such as “Aryan” or “white power,” websurfers can easily find a growing number of similar white power websites where acidly racist and anti-Semitic themes replete with visions of racial separation or even violent racial extermination are the norm.

One time I memorized a whole Hebrew pop song just to impress this Israeli guy," he said to me with eyes the size of my grandma's matzoh balls.

He started singing and I envisioned my Hebrew school teacher Mr. I asked him what he likes about Jewish guys and the answer, of course, didn't surprise me: "Oh, it's their beards for sure.

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