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That means the user cannot close the form unless the field passes validation.

Note also that the user can leave a field if it doesn’t have a This entry was posted in controls and tagged C#, C# programming, controls, example, example program, validate field, validate form, Validating event, Windows Forms programming.

the event validating for control call when the mouse click on the control and then leave it from the control.

In your case when the user does not click on the control it will not trigger the validating event.

Let’s assume when we click our save button that we wish to validate the controls and display an icon if there is a problem.

First, add the following code to the Form’s constructor after the Initialize Component method: This is a handy trick to prevent implicit validation of our controls when they lose focus.

I'm writing a simple input form using Model-View-Presenter, and I've encountered difficulty with handling the Form Closing event.

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Can't write everything here, because this topic can be covered by multiple chapters in a book, but look here for more information: seems you are falling prey to being used to stateful applications for a long time.

Now I also have Validating event on every control I want to validate so when somebody leave it empty or in incorrect format it will show the error next to the control.

That seems ok so far (for me, at least) but my issue is, that if user doesn't even click to one box it only shows message box, but it won't highlight wrong controls.

There are 2 code paths for validation failure, and in each case we provide the user with an appropriate error message.

The error provider simply takes a control and a message in the Set Error method and does the rest of the work for you!Below is my code: private void title Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void auth Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void year Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void edit Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void pub Combo Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void desc Box_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) So, the issue here is that you want to have it highlight in either of two scenarios: 1) When you leave the field and its contents are invalid (empty in this case) 2) When you click the create button and the field in question has invalid contents And so I would create a single solution would be a more (developer) efficient tail to mine, as opposed to looping through the desired controls.

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