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Wasps capture their prey through paralysis, before carrying out one of the more horrific reproduction cycles in the animal kingdom.After bringing the still-living food back to their mud nests, the wasp will lay an egg in the creature's abdomen, creating a live incubator.Crammed with prestigious universities and academies, the city clings strongly to its traditional values and philosophies. The walled-in compound, in the city centre, is home to 25,000 people and includes the Sultan's Palace, Taman Sari (also known as the water castle or fragrant garden), museums and even a bird market.A major craft centre for batik, and traditional performing arts, Yogyakarta Craft Centre and the Agastya Art Institute provide a fascinating day out.But before the invertebrate can carry the arachnid to its lair, Australia's least favourite animal, the Ibis bird, swoops in and swallows both.The wasp can be seen dragging the hapless spider through a grassland area in Sydney to its nest located nearby.

Contact us to learn about discounts we can offer your organization.Nature bore it's brutal reality through the titanic struggle between a Huntsman spider and giant wasp, with both meeting an unfortunate ending.