Scarlet ortiz and yul burkle dating

26-Nov-2019 10:13

Love is in the air this month and that feeling is one that prospers in telenovelas.Our favorite telenovela genre is the place to dream big, to dream of that passionate love that you hope to have one day, if you don't already do so.Overall the show had humor in it as well and it featured some comical moments and even the villains didn't always take themselves so seriously and in this case it worked.So overall I would say it is pretty good though not great and I would give it a "B" if I were grading it and at least it could keep you entertained for an hour.They are not married but they call themselves the Bürkle Ortiz’s, they do not really carry their surnames but they have been a couple for almost two decades.

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He is engaged to actress Scarlet Ortiz,a fellow Venezuelan actress with whom they met on the set of the RCTV telenovela Mis 3 hermanas.If that was the case, there would be no cases in the entertainment world where these couples jump from fiction to reality.

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