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Vintage/antique toys really aren’t my expertise, but the instant I saw this group I knew that I had a good deal.I got a huge set of five 1950-1960 steel Tonka Trucks for a bargain!Back in the '70s, Tonka even had an elephant stand on one, just to prove their point. But the three proprietors also had the foresight to buy the rights to some big, metal toys designed by the building's previous tenant.But if you've ever held one, you already know how indestructible they were -- here are 12 things you probably Mound Metalcraft began business in the fall of 1946, working out of an old schoolhouse in Mound, Minnesota. The city of Mound is essentially a peninsula jutting into Lake Minnetonka, and “tanka” is the Sioux word for big.They weren’t kidding when they chose the slogan “Tonka Tough.” Just think, it’s over 60 years old and moves just like it did when it came out of the box!I described the condition on the Tonka Trucks as “well used” and most other truck on e Bay There’s virtually no original Tonka Trucks that look like they did when they came out of the box.Considering they retailed for the equivalent of (0 in today’s dollars), they were also quite profitable.

And that can be a real bummer if your part is unique and not easily replaceable.

Olson who later became the company Chief Industrial Engineer; with the Dakota Sioux word "Tanka" or Tonka, which means "great" or "big", the company began selling metal toys which soon became the primary business.

In November, 1955, Mound Metalcraft changed its name to Tonka Toys Incorporated.

If you find one, it will sell for a (affiliate link)You do have to be careful when purchasing pristine vintage Tonka Trucks. Now, these restored Tonkas still sell very well, but you wouldn’t want to advertise a truck as “like new” when it’s actually a restored one.

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My trucks all had a lot of wear, with some rusting and missing pieces (exhaust pipe on the road grader was broken, a couple pieces of the cement mixer were missing, and the blue truck didn’t have all of the chains, headlights, or tail gates).Make a logo to capitalize on the double meaning (note “Tonka” over the waves in the ad), slap it on an oversized metal toy, and by 1947, Mound Metalworks had a hot ticket.

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