Accommodating non work related injuries

25-Jan-2020 05:02

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We have decided the following Qatar Labor Law: The Provisions of the Labour Law accompanied with this Law shall be applied.

The Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Housing shall, in coordination with the other competent authorities, issue the necessary Decisions for the implementation of this Law and until these Decisions are issued, the Decisions for the time being in force shall continue to be applied to the extent that they do not contradict with the provisions of the accompanying this Law. (3) for the Year 1962, (14) for the Year 1992 and 23 for the Year 1994 referred to together with any provision contradicting with the provisions of the accompanying this Law are hereby repealed.

Highway vehicle crashes are the leading cause of oil and gas extraction worker fatalities.

Roughly 4 of every 10 workers killed on the job in this industry are killed as a result of a highway vehicle incident (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries).

Workers and equipment are required to be transported to and from well sites.

Wells are often located in remote areas, and require traveling long distances to get to the sites.

All concerned authorities, each within its competence, shall implement this Law.

This Law shall come into force six months after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Educating the trainee on the origins of a trade or craft or increasing his knowledge or skills thereon or qualifying the worker to change his trade by the necessary practical and theoretical means and programs.Inflammation of the inside or outside extensor or flexor tendons of the elbow, often called tennis elbow, is very common.The inflammation can arise from overuse such as playing multiple sets of tennis in one day or from a direct injury such as hitting a ball hard and feeling sudden pain at the elbow.Activities causing epicondylitis are not tennis alone; it can stem from golf or repetitive activities, such as washing windows, which can cause inflammation on the inside or outside of the elbow.

A diagnosis can often be made through a patient’s history and physical examination.Workers' Compensation Board(WCB): every provincial Board for the purpose of these guidelines.