Pokemon dating simulator updating multimedia audio controller

05-Oct-2019 11:51

Other characters should include the rival/childhood friend characters (why does Cheren wear such tight pants when he’s supposed to be ten years old? makes me all sadface when I can’t do that because then I go “wait, he’s ten years old ARGH EWW BLECH DO NOT WANT”), maybe a scattered few of the trainers you just battle along routes, and other special named characters like the Kimono girls or Eusine (I’m playing Heart Gold right now, bite me) (actually, can Eusine just date Morty? But this is an easy fix – make the character’s age adjustable, and lock certain characters out from the dating pool based on age.come on, like you hadn’t had that thought before yourself). So, basically, if you choose to make your character a ten year old, well, they can date their friend/rival or some of the younger gym leaders. Now, obviously you couldn’t just open it up to dating just anyone in the games.It may be worth putting the Elite Four on the list, although I’m not totally committed to the idea.The good thing about adding dating sim elements to the Pokemon games is that it adds more new stuff to the games, and, well, apparently people like that kind of thing. On the other hand, if your character is twenty, they can’t date those younger gym leaders, but they sure can bag themselves Agatha!

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