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Those deeply-rooted, underlying tensions are part of what keeps us from unifying and truly joining forces, working together for the greater good. What I’ve experienced for the six-plus decades that I’ve been speaking up from my POV is that people in general and Black people in particular (because, truthfully, unless and until the topic bumps up on them in a personal way, few White people pay us much attention or care about how we self-identify), are accustomed to and therefore comfortable with being in charge of our identities. On the one hand, Black people like to cite the slavery-based “rule” that anybody with a single drop of Black blood is Black to demand our allegiance.On the other hand, a great many Black/White Biracial people are insulted, chastised, challenged and often rejected by Black people in their youth as “not really Black,” or “not Black enough.” When these mixed messages (pun intended) cause us to experience some very real cultural dissonance and/or ambivalence, we are quickly labeled “confused” about our identities.Why would Bow—an educated, wealthy, tolerant doctor—care that her son is dating a white girl?But, in reality, the episode addresses some of the most guarded, internal secrets within the black community—colorism, interracial dating, the black man’s fear of white women, and everyone’s fear of black women.“Being Bow-racial” is Black-ish finally addressing the “ish” that looms heavily over its title and the results are stellar.“Being Bow-racial” is an episode that feels incredibly personal to me, which might make it difficult to be objective, but it’s truly a story I’ve never seen given such attention on broadcast TV.He added: "My mother came out in big dark patches all over her body.

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Which made me realize that it’s time to speak up and out against Black people identity policing us.

Many companies that offer private genetic tests claim they can identify whether people are related to famous historical figures or have DNA from specific racial groups.

The tests cost £30 and £300 and are said to look at the ancestral lineages that contribute to the make-up of an individual's DNA.

I’d estimate that that more than 80% of white girls’ specifically state that they want only a white partner.

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The second most common is to leave that part of her profile blank with no stated preference.

We are all well aware of the history of folks like us in this country, and throughout the Diaspora of Africans who were enslaved by White people.

For most of his twenties, James Franco gave acting his all. He can be funny about this—drily demeaning himself the first time we meet as "a youngleadingmaninbadmovies actor"—but, in truth, it left him depressed and frustrated, and for the most part deeply dissatisfied with the result of his efforts. It's just hard to get away from what I see as the stain of these bad movies."He has been trying.… continue reading »

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