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Not only can they act incredibly well, as we saw during the eight episode series that has become quite the phenomenon all over the world, but they've also got some serious pipes!This isn't that big of a surprise, given the fact that Matarazzo is an actual Broadway star.Episode date: February 4 When people wondered what Trump's travel ban would mean for US Customs, Beck Bennett's ruthlessly intense video editor provided the answers. Episode date: March 4 Whether impersonating politicians or celebs, MVP Kate Mc Kinnon has been damn near perfect this year.Her inspired take on Jeff Sessions -- replete with Gump-isms in this cold open -- merits special appreciation." Scarlett Johansson's smile was the icing on the cake. Episode date: April 15 The background players in this basketball movie were great at saying "'sup," popping the rock, and doing bellyflops. Episode date: January 21 This year's "Space Pants" was the beautifully simple, weird, and cheesy escape we needed immediately following Trump's inauguration. Like Atamanuik's Trump, Mc Carthy's Spicey was top-notch comedic activism, a surprise that will be hard to forget.Episode date: January 21 Aziz Ansari's episode quickly became a standout after airing, thanks in large part to the comedian's funny, sincere, and critical opening monologue. Bobby Moynihan's animatronic drumming, in particular, was worthy of a trophy. This Joke Starts With Some Contractors At the White House Three contractors from different US states descend on the White House to get a contract to fix a broken fence. It's Difficult to Fulfill a Dying Wish Sometimes (Funny) When a window visits an undertaker to see how preparations of her dead husband's body are going, she isn't happy with what she sees. A Couple Get Into Bed On Their Wedding Night (Joke) A newlywed couple are about to consummate their wedding night when the husband decides to lay down the law. Funny: It's Not My Fault That You Didn't Use Them, Pal When a husband and wife on a long car journey decide to stop overnight, little did they imagine the shock they were in for when receiving their bill...

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He lays out the wisdom he’s been sharing with friends and family for years.

But Jimmy Fallon's mastery of John Travolta here made for an exciting, and truly impressive, instance of seeing double.