Validating yourself

27-Aug-2019 21:35

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That doesn’t mean that you have to do what they say.You cannot live your life through the eyes of everyone else.Then make a plan for how you can improve on those areas of your life.Recognize that everyone will have opinions on what you can do.It’s not that you can’t handle the task at hand; in fact, you know you have all the resources and necessary information at your disposal.Unlocking productive self-motivation has a lot to do with where and how you seek validation.(Validation, in this case, being the recognition and affirmation that what you’re doing is worthwhile and important.)Turns out there are a few crafty psychological tactics ingrained in your thinking since childhood that can affect your ability to validate yourself—and ultimately the strength of your self-motivation.These tactics exist to stall, stupefy, and sabotage your momentum and confidence.

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Whenever I’m down I find something to do to release whatever feelings I try to cage inside my body.That’s because what they are saying doesn’t have much to do with you at all.