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20-Jan-2020 16:03

but none-the-less, there is now a video of Tom in his underwear stripping down naked… Daley came out in late 2013 via a You Tube video, but has since identified as bisexual.

He won bronze in the 10 meter synchronized diving competition in Rio…

The two are getting married soon, but before the Olympics, the couple is reported to have taken a seven month break…

and that’s when the leaked Tom Daley sex tape saga occurred. Tom says he’s admitted to the relationship, and the two seem to be moving forward in their marriage…

In April 2012, Trey was involved in a lawsuit against Storage Wars star Dave Hester over the catch phrase "Yuuup." Hester used the phrase frequently on Storage Wars and sells merchandise that features "Yuuup." Dave Hester was granted a trademark for the phrase which would give him the exclusive rights to profit off its use in merchandise and licensing.

Songz disagreed with this trademark grant because he claims to have been using the phrase since 2009, several years before Storage Wars first aired. Songz released his debut studio album I Gotta Make It in 2005 and the album reached #6 on the US R&B chart and #20 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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As TMZ reported, Stephanie Moseley -- the star of VH1's "Hit the Floor" -- was gunned down in their L. They got back together but, as one friend put it, "He was crushed and never got over it." We're told he frequently brought up Songz.