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Potential complications include ear infection, throat abscess and pneumonia.

PHE said the parents of any child who does not show signs of improvement within a few days of starting treatment should seek urgent medical advice.

DOCTORS say Britain looks to be heading for another large outbreak of scarlet fever.

Cases hit a 50-year high in 2015/16, and Public Health England says figures are on course for a similar rate this year.

In Liverpool, 12 suspected cases were reported last week.

This is more than twice the city’s average in recent months, according to the While scarlet fever is much less common than it used to be, outbreaks of the illness appear to be on the rise, especially in winter when infections are more frequent.

Long-term health problems from scarlet fever may include rheumatic fever, kidney disease or arthritis. Here - The NHS website contains extensive information on the illness, symptoms, treatment and potential complications.

PHE said tests have ruled out the possibility of a newly emerging strain of strep group A that is more easily spread between people.

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The tongue may also have a “strawberry”-like appearance.It can cause a sore throat, high temperature and flushed cheeks as well as a blotchy rash, and often strikes after bacterial skin infections such as impetigo.