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25-Apr-2020 01:05

She tried Tinder, and went on a couple of awkward dates with the colleague of a friend, but it never felt right.

‘Yet I was desperate to meet someone,’ says Hannah.

Sometimes, entering your login and password to enter your account on a dating site, where you will see smiling faces of western men, you might ask yourself: "Is seeking the man of my dream on dating sites instead of parties or art exhibitions normal? In today’s dynamic world you can hardly imagine your life without computers and the Internet.

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Its entire concept of matchmaking is formulated around their expert patented compatibility matching system, which is based on 35 years of marriage counseling and relationship research Read Full Review Elite Singles is focused on serious dating.

They won’t be looking over your shoulder, playing on their phone, fidgety and distracted.

They will be engaged with you, interested in what you are saying and this will be shown in their body language – good eye contact, open posture and a relaxed, unhurried attitude.

They not only guide you through the world of apps, they also help you overcome issues that might be holding you back, from a lack of confidence to a fear of intimacy. Coach Ané Auret explains: ‘People are looking for help, but don’t feel they need counselling because they aren’t overcoming a major trauma.

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Like therapy, coaching uses the past, but it also looks to the future.’A typical session involves an hour-long conversation at the coach’s home, office or somewhere quiet such as a private room in a members’ club. It’s a bit like an honest chat with a friend, but the focus is solely on you and you can’t ignore their incisive questions and insightful suggestions.

If after half a dozen dates they don’t seem to have remembered anything you have told them previously, are always rushing to be somewhere else or are generally inconsiderate or inattentive then you can safely assume they are not serious.