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12-Nov-2019 17:17

We wouldn't recommend getting sloshed after every mile you've run, but having a beer after a vigorous workout might not be as bad for you as you'd think.

A little moderation and a ton of water could be the perfect reward for yourself after a particularly grueling session.

So in order for you to get any of the good stuff out of beer, you'd have to take out the one big ingredient that makes it enjoyable in the first place.

(Of course, this is why Lean Machine has been brewed to contain about 0.5% alcohol, which makes it about as strong as a rotten banana.) The verdict?

Princess College starts a new Beauty Contest, and three BFFs are rivals now.

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Not only does alcohol leave you dehydrated, but a recent study suggests that it can also hinder your muscle recovery after exercise.

Especially if you happen to have one of your favourite man movies on hand. Al Pacino is all you really need to know before watching but, in case you need some more background, with Pacino playing a “Tony”, a Cuban immigrant turned drug lord, you really can’t go wrong. • Someone snorts cocaine • Tony kills someone • Someone says “f*ck” • You see a sunset.

Yes, drinking games tend to be all about the drinking but they can also serve as a pretty decent ice-breaker. Here, take these movies for example: First off, if you haven’t seen this movie, shame on you.

Ideally, your rules would aim to expose and laugh at (and drink when you see) stereotypes or biases—but not to reinforce unhealthy images.

(I’ve heard of drinking games where people take a shot whenever “the bitch they hate gets eliminated.” That’s the opposite of media literacy, in that players are buying into these shows’ manipulative framing and editing, rather than questioning it.

That's why athletes chug Gatorade or coconut water and eat fruit after an intense workout—they're all full of good sugar and nutrients that replenish your body.