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While Kenya is seeking family – children, adoptive mamas, the whole nine yards – Kandi Burruss has all but given up on her daughter Riley having a relationship with her father Block but in walks through the door Block’s girlfriend Kris Kelli.

The timing was rather amusing: just as Kandi was throwing shade about how she’d never do a grand opening for an uncompleted restaurant, a shady figure darkens her doorway.

I don’t think Virgo’s all that interested in a challenge, unless he’s trying to improve his skill-set.

He may analyze the most efficient way to chase a not-easy-to-catch woman, but he’s more into improving his game than winning the prize. You’ve got two things working against you: his element is Earth and his mode is Mutable.

Earth signs are not exactly noted for their immediate, passionate responses — they are more cautious and slow to act.

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Sheree is indignant that someone who “slept her way to the top of the Z-List DVD rack” has the nerve to accuse her of impropriety. The only thing hoe-ish about Sheree is the way she spreads the Chateau Sheree love around – sometimes she owns it, sometimes her mother does, sometimes a trust does. Matt plays sympathetic hearing her complain about Sheree, then chases his would-be queen through the woods with a poisoned tongue, all the way to his parents house. Two weeks after getting back together, Matt is introducing Kenya to his family at his upcoming family reunion.

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta was all about love and motherhood and all the complications that come with it.