Ariel lin and bolin chen dating

26-Sep-2019 16:13

When asked if he would keep a distance from Ting Xuan after this incident, Bolin replied, “I feel that it is alright. We are still friends, and we can still hang out together.” However, Bolin dismissed his romantic rumours with the Popu Lady’s member, who was spotted visiting his house a few times. Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen was rumoured to be secretly dating Popu Lady member, Ting Xuan for a year.Word is the wedding is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2014 and will likely be in Taiwan.Of all the same generation Taiwanese actresses, one by one everyone is in serious relationships or getting hitched, such Barbie Hsu three years ago and she’s expecting her first child this year, Ella got married last year, and Cyndi Wang has Yao Yuan Hao.In fact, Ariel has already agreed to begin filming a movie in March of next year.

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In the photos, she was wearing a bra and kissed the topless man sleeping on the bed.Though he may seem like a typical rich heir, he actually possesses good living habits, and he neither smokes nor drinks.Ariel and Charles have reportedly known each other for more than ten years, though they only began dating in 2011, when they met again after serving as bridesmaid and best man at a wedding.ariel lin bolin chen dating Starred bolin significant time bum dating when. Huvudroller och stora biroller wilson chen on the time, you #bolin.

The hot on-screen couple Ariel Lin Yi Chen and Bo-Lin Chen were participating in CTI TV’s SS Xiaoyan Night to promote the movie Love Sick (恋爱恐慌症).Instead, Ariel plans to move to the United States to join her fiancé, Charles Lin, who manages a diving product branch office located in California.