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For more information about which JAR file to choose, see System Requirements for the JDBC Driver.In the following example, the sample code makes a connection to the Adventure Works sample database.In this example, we are looking into the JDBC database tutorial to update and fetch records from the selected My SQL Database table We have already inserted the records in the database, Now we want to update certain fields of the database using the update query, If we want to update the records then we can carry out following steps.When we are dealing with the database connectivity then we need to include the required jar file which is necessary for the database programming.

updating a row in sql using jdbc-9

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"; Callable Statement call Stmt = con.prepare Call(sql);call Stmt.register Out Parameter(1, Types.

Then, using methods of the SQLServer Result Set object, it inserts, modifies, and then finally deletes a row of data from the set of data.

The code file for this sample is named update RS.java, and it can be found in the following location: \samples\resultsets To run this sample application, you must set the classpath to include the file or the sqljdbc4file.

For example, if the database column is defined with a JDBC type of CHAR, the data type of the returned value for that column must be registered as Types. The Returning clause can return a single row or multiple rows.

The method your application uses to retrieve the values of returned columns depends on the number of rows the Returning clause returns as shown in the following examples.

If there is more data the stream handler will receive the new data, otherwise the end handler is invoked.