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He manifested as Moses, who could turn a staff into a serpent; and in the form of Saint Patrick, Damballa drove the snakes out of Ireland.

When the traditional Vodun religion of West African slaves, who mostly originated from areas around the Congo and present-day Benin, collided in the Caribbean with the incoming Christianity of Spanish and French colonists, Haitian Vodou was born.

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Take a walk through the streets of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and you might spot occasional clues: the sequin-studded effigies sold to tourists at the Marché en Fer; the Vodou symbols – or ‘veve’ – sometimes scrawled above doors, or down backstreet walls.

The serpent’s children, the Loa, were pleased with what he provided – and so they worshiped him.

In the Haitian Vodou pantheon, Damballa – the ‘Sky Father’ – rules over mind and intellect; he is the keeper of cosmic balance.

Over the millennia however, Damballa would assume other faces too.

Title: Home Author: Sedgwick, Catharine Maria Publication date: Boston, 1850 Library: Widener Library Call number: AL 3362.38 Submitted by: David Weimer Description: In the Twentieth Edition published by James Munroe and Company, a loose dedication paper is bound with the book.

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