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We represent clients in investment related disputes against their financial advisors and brokerage firms, such as O. As an independent brokerage firm, ONESCO advertises that advisors have the freedom and flexibility to choose the business model that best serves the needs of their clients. 20130363677 – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) permanently barred Bruce Supanik in all capacities, for failing to appear and provide on-the-record testimony to FINRA regarding the circumstances of his termination by The O. According to FINRA, Supanik transferred the balance of the customer’s account at ONESCO totaling 6,450.32 to a joint checking account he shared with the customer and then withdrew the balance from the joint checking account and deposited it into his personal bank account. 2011027041101 – Kenneth Patrick Petticolas, a former broker with The O. Equity Sales Company, consented to findings that he participated in a private securities transaction sale of a life settlement contract to an investor for approximately 5,925, which was not conducted through his firm. Petticolas received approximately ,151.75 from the entity as compensation for the sale of the life settlement contract. Petticolas failed to respond in a timely manner to FINRA’s requests for documents and information regarding the sale and was suspended from association with any FINRA member in any capacity for one year. The attorneys at our firm can analyze your brokerage account statements to determine the extent of the client’s financial losses, and understand the legal issues involved, and provide a consultation concerning remedies available. Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, ONESCO claims to provide financial professionals and investors with access to quality investment products and services. Insurance Agency (ONINSA)ONESCO – By the Numbers: AWC No. According to FINRA, the Form U-5 filed on March 21, 2013, by ONESCO stated that Supanik’s employment was terminated after he placed liquidating transactions in a customer’s account after the customer’s death and that Supanik failed to give notice of the death to ONESCO.If that company then sells for million, the VC gets more than 50% of the million.The VC gets his or her million out first, and then half of the remaining million (.5 million) for a total return of .5 million. Where startup employees can get really screwed is when preferred stock owners have 2x or 3x liquidation preferences. Imagine a VC that buys the 50% of a company for million, at the same 0 million post-money valuation. In fact, common stock holders would get zero money unless the company sold for more than twice the amount the investors put in — in this case, 0 million.For example, suppose that a common stockholder owns 0.5% of the firm in question.(New York, NY) — Today, New York City Comptroller Scott M.Stringer and the Trustees of the New York City Pension Funds announced that New York City has become the first major public pension system in the nation to fully divest from private prison companies.The move to liquidate the City’s investments in private prison companies follows reported incidents of alleged human rights abuses across the private prison industry, posing long-term reputational and financial harm.

That right will be triggered on the sale, so we need to deal with that before we can know how much everyone gets.Often, the owner of preferred stock gets a guaranteed return of 1X their investment.Imagine a VC that buys 50% of a company for million, for a 0 million post-money valuation.In the Valuation, we found which is one of the two key financial terms founders need to understand.

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This time we’ll look at the other, more complicated, one - the preferred return or liquidation preference.

Once you can fit the two together, you can get a proper idea of your post-investment stake in the company.“” they want to take the first million of value off the table when you hit your liquidity event.

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