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MVP: Trevor Sperry, WR, Sr., Clarkston Coach of year: Brycen Bye, Clarkston Second team: Keaton Brenner, OL, Jr., Clarkston; John Landers, OL, Sr., Pullman; Johnny Sage, OL, Jr., West Valley; Carter Bergman, OL, Sr., West Valley; Challis Gorbett, OL, Jr., Pullman; Sam Druffel, WR, Jr., Pullman; Shane Hammel, WR, Sr., Cheney; Jacob Dwyer, WR, Sr., Clarkston; Ben Moos, TE, So., Pullman; Brett Wyborney, TE, Sr., Cheney; Jace Malek, RB, Sr., West Valley; Ty Graham, RB, Jr., Cheney; Mason Petrino, QB, Jr., Pullman; Jacob Dwyer, PK, Sr., Clarkston; Alex Bowdish, PK, Sr., East Valley.MVP: Jacob Shults, LB, Sr., Clarkston Second team: Brett Wyborney, DL, Sr., Cheney; Ryan Mc Kee, DL, Sr., Clarkston; Tomas Stoker, DL, Sr., Pullman; Aleksey Dyfort, DL, Sr., West Valley; Blake Rimmelspacher, LB, Jr., Clarkston; Nik Young, LB, So., East Valley; Brayden Butikofer, LB, Jr., Cheney; Brennen Folkins, LB, Jr., West Valley; Jacob Dwyer, DB, Sr., Clarkston; Cruz Galm, DB, Sr., Cheney; Will Pitzer, P, Jr., Pullman; Alex Bowdish, KR, Sr., East Valley.It is part history lesson, as it traces the car's development by the Nazis, production by the Allied forces and later prominence in hippie and surfer circles, but the bulk is a rhapsody by VW owners espousing their love for their rear-engine rides.One such owner—a one-man traveling band—bought the bus, his first and only car, for 0 and has driven it across the country from bar to bar for 20 years. A couple who got married in a bus and had their vows read from the manual own a half dozen VWs, some driveable, others converted to chicken coups and tool sheds.

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What follows is an examination of a corporate thug determined to hide the truth and the filmmaking team that defied its intimidation tactics. Fredrik Gertten, 90 min.)—LS The Bus—Damon Ristau directs this hourlong ode to the iconic Volkswagen bus, a tub-like road tripper's dream complete with overhead camper and enough room to fit your gear and your eight closest friends.Beale was equally incensed by Corporation Counsel Ed Siskel’s explanation of where the city found the money for the settlement.

The Commission concluded that the three proposed VULA products fulfil the requirements set out in its approval decision of June 2015.… continue reading »

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