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Her athlete-of-the-month award is hung on the wall next to a pink-flower night light, which she keeps lit because she’s afraid of the dark.

When she pulls out the ring she received for an Alberta government Great Kids Award, she breaks into a smile as bright and cheery as the lime-green walls of her bedroom.

Like many other First Nations communities across Canada, Bigstone suffers from a litany of predictable problems: terrible housing conditions, poverty, high unemployment, alcoholism and gang violence.

Unlike most other remote Aboriginal communities, Bigstone sits in the middle of the Alberta oil sands, the richest region of the richest province of one of the richest countries in the world.

Her dream is to become a coach and then perhaps a politician, like long-serving MLA Pearl Calahasen, the first Metis woman elected in Alberta, or even a premier like Alison Redford.

(“Well,” says Willow, “not the part where she spends all the money on travel.”) Willow lives on Bigstone Cree Nation reserve, 300 km north of Edmonton.

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