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11-Sep-2019 17:16

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Should a Christmas tree be placed near the reception desk? This has led to a piece of pending legislation in Congress called "The Workplace Religious Freedom Act," which will place an increased burden on employers to meet employee requests for religious accommodation. It's because religion may be the most important element in your employees' personal lives and it needs to be respected as such.What can employers do to accommodate religious expression and observance by employees? Here are some other important questions and answers regarding religion in the workplace: Head coverings, robes, and religious insignias may deviate from employer dress codes and from co-worker expectations.If you hesitated last month before heartily wishing your employees “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah,” you’re not alone.

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Employers, HR professionals and managers struggle with how to celebrate these holidays, recognize the diversity of religious beliefs and practices, and consider the issues of non-religious employees who do not partake in these holidays. A Gallup poll states that 90% of American adults say that religion is either very important or fairly important in their lives. Charges of religious discrimination in the workplace have risen 43% since 1990. It's also because it'll make your workplace more productive.Follow these tips when requesting religious accommodation at work.If you go to your supervisor or HR department, they'll want to know exactly what you need.Regardless of local and state jurisdictions, the courts are unlikely to be sympathetic to an employer who makes an issue of religious dress - especially if the employee's personal appearance does nothing to interfere with business operations.

Proselytizing in the workplace can be a problem area.

A reasonable proposal is one that does not cost anything and does not cause undue hardship. Offering to do something for your workgroup beyond what's required is one way to demonstrate you have the company's best interests at heart.

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