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12-May-2020 10:32

Still, he acknowledges he expects any plan to face litigation.

Toni Torres of Newark, New Jersey, got just that kind of unusual keepsake from her 2-year-old grandson's interaction with the topless women, even though she could understand how some people might have a problem with it.'If they were completely naked, with a little kid like that, I wouldn't like it,' said Torres, who watched the whole scene play out.

While another group, nicknamed de-rude-as, are regularly caught straying outside of their designated police zone, harassing the public an intimidating the other girls.

Saira Nicole, 31, leader of the 'desgoodas' group, told the New York Post that the rift began in 2015 when she asked some models to stop thrusting their behinds at children and was told to 'f*** off'.

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If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at info(at)intense4you(dot)com.The naked ladies of Times Square have split into two rival factions who are battling it out for the public's attention, it is reported.