Onupdating event

18-Nov-2019 03:47

When the application is idle, it cycles through every action in turn giving it a chance to update itself to reflect current conditions.For each action, the first event to occur in this sequence is the action list's On Update event.If the On Update event handler sets its Handled parameter to true, the action is considered updated, and processing stops there.This blocks the execution of any other event handlers or any built-in response by a predefined action class.

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Episerver Commerce provides two ways of hooking into order events for integration purposes, so you can take actions during an order's events. The page just posts back with the Edit Item Template controls still showing. I can put breakpoints all over the place, but the trail stops at the end of Things_Updating. These events are synchronous, so it is important for the actions to be quick or done asynchronously, so the event can return while the action does its work.

Today the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published a feedback statement summarising respondents’ comments to its Consultation Document on updating FRS 102 for changes in IFRS.The IOrder Repository Callback handles the callback of orders.

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