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22-Oct-2019 07:33

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If a person copies your body language, it means they are trying to establish a connection with you.This can be more than just mirroring your actions, it can extend to your posture, tone of voice and talking pace.We’ve compiled a few body language basics so you can analyse your date without wasting your time guessing how they feel. So, if a date is fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, crossing arms or sweating profusely, don’t immediately write them off as being uninterested.You might just need to give them a little more time to relax into your company.Eye contact can be a confusing one as it’s often cited as a ‘sign’ and therefore something people can become conscious of when they talk to you, particularly if they like you.As a result, you’re really looking for the person to look a little uncomfortable. Some will deliberately maintain eye contact in an attempt to confirm their interest, find it very difficult to maintain eye contact with someone they really like.

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You take note of their beautiful smile and thick dark locks. In an earlier study, Claire Conway and colleagues investigated the effect eye contact had in ratings of attraction.

Science has proven that a person’s eyes dilate when she sees something she finds attractive.

This could be a great way to determine if your date is into you, but be careful, because it might also be that plate of food in front of her that she’s interested in, or perhaps the sign of a drug problem.

Some people get more nervous than others on a first date – be patient and allow them the time they need to get comfortable.

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The fact they are nervous to begin with signals that they car enough to want to impress you.In addition to nervousness, other factors may affect a date’s body language. They may be crossing their arms to keep themselves warm.

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