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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated guys but nothing longer than three months and they never went into that elusive “let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend” phase.Dating has become the hardest task possible; even harder than writing my dissertation.Steffans was best known in the sports and hip-hop worlds by a vulgar nickname. And, yes, I'm sure former President Clinton is jealous. Steffans is that she's putting a new twist on being a groupie. She's on a book-signing tour now, and developing quite a reputation as a speaker. Superstar male athletes and entertainers have been sexually exploiting young, impressionable women for a long time. So those celebrated male athletes and entertainers can't cry now about one opportunistic woman who has chosen to use her looks, as well as her communication skills (oral and written), to exploit men. Carrie Bradshaw and the "Sex and the City" gang helped liberate many young women.Her tell-all book has received a solid review in the prestigious Washington Post, partly because Ms. Steffans, now 26, has become a respected member of the literary community, and the apple of HBO talker Bill Maher's affection. Pretty much, they've reserved the right by now to be as sexually irresponsible as some men are; and apparently, they don't feel the need to lie about it.I just want to deal with the reality: In this context, a woman's sexual moral values can be just as low as the ones traditionally exhibited by many males in the sports and entertainment world.Which brings me to Carolyn Hughes, the Fox Sports Net anchor who has been indefinitely suspended from her job while Fox investigates whether she's having an affair with Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe.

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Dating has no guidebook and no one will tell you if you’re doing it wrong.

This is all about feeling better and knowing better, so we can be better!