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He tells her a story of a queen who is mistreated, and she realizes that it has basis in reality.

by Elize Moser Goodreads | Amazon | My review 2013.

By having a better understanding, we may be able to work towards prevention and early intervention.'' --Dr. Read it now for the inside story on teen dating violence and what to look out for.

Elin's honesty, compelling experience and simply beautiful writing deliver a message every parent and granparent needs to get.

One theme that rings true in the book and in my observations is that dating violence can affect anyone, and young women are especially vulnerable. of Pediatrics ''These are the tales they don't tell you when you are looking at real estate in places like Old Greenwich, CT, where Waldal grew up.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone who was interested in understanding the dynamics of initmate partner violence. It can happen anywhere, even the good neighborhoods.'' --Library Journal This book gripped me from the first page.

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Both young women in this novel have witnessed violence against women and experience violence themselves.

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