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17-May-2020 11:10

They said it was time Victoria followed NSW, Queensland and Western Australia and had the option of judge-alone trials in cases with high-profile defendants.Peter Chadwick and Remy van de Weil​, QCs with more than three decades each of experience as barristers, questioned whether jurors could shut out their perceptions of the cardinal and the Catholic Church and focus solely on the criminal allegations.Cardinal Pell has denied the offending."There's been an awful lot of publicity, a lot of discussion and it's a good argument for a judge-alone trial," Mr Chadwick said.Australian Lawyers Alliance spokesman Greg Barns declined to comment on Cardinal Pell's case, but also said it was time Victoria followed the other states.The upcoming total solar eclipse that will travel across the entire contiguous United States will give Christians an opportunity to point people to the God of the Bible, says astrophysicist and apologist Jeff Zweerink.

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And it cuts both ways," Mr Barns said."I am simply saying the option of a judge-alone trial would stand as an added protection."Victorian criminal trials are heard before juries of ordinary citizens.Cancer-stricken apologist and author Nabeel Qureshi has been hospitalized for the better part of the last three weeks after mesh tubing that was supposed to help him eat got dislodged and stuck in his throat. Marcus Murchinson of Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California, is unapologetic.