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15-May-2020 01:07

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See if this sounds familiar: Someone phones you and begins breathlessly blurting out the latest dramatic details from his or her life, with all the urgency and intensity of a 911 call. My life is crashing down around me, and I’m on the verge of total meltdown.” Again. Someone whose daily existence is one upheaval or explosion or emotional outburst after another?There’s been a nasty argument with the parents, a row with the roommate, a blow-up with the boss. Call them drama queens — or their male equivalent, crisis kings — and call them a real challenge in dating relationships.The only constants are change, emotional volatility, and the need to adapt to new situations.In such an atmosphere, it’s as if the gauge for what constitutes “normal life” is reset, with a greater need for emotional stimulation.As adults, these people consciously or subconsciously look for ways to satisfy the hunger for commotion. Healthy people have learned how to just “be”—they know how to enjoy calm moments, savor solitude, and tolerate times of boredom.

The key decision is how to associate with such a person.Their days are focused on life and real world issues. Drama queens are quick to denigrate, demean and ridicule others.Only people who create and live in the midst of drama focus on how horrible drama is and are expressive about how much they hate drama and dramatic people. When a person doesn’t have a life, they focus on other people and their faults, traits and shortcomings to build up their own sense of identity. In a drama queen’s perspective, it is obviously the other person who is at fault for making drama and problems; the drama queen never is.One option is to completely disassociate and withdraw from them. Dramatic people complain about drama and dramatic people.

In my experience, people who have lives and stability talk about their families, lives and work in constructive ways.Before the arrival of such a person, a peaceful calm life. Quickly identifying traits of drama queens and setting strong boundaries can preserve one’s sanity and serenity.

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