Brosing sex

05-Mar-2020 08:24

Most people experience no serious problems after weight loss surgery. Some common side effects include: You can get dramatic results from weight loss surgery. Adapting to eating smaller meals can be a challenge. Ask a dietitian to help you create a plan that will get you all the nutrients you need. It helps you keep the weight off, and it's often easier after weight loss surgery, because losing weight may have helped your joints.

You'll need to back those up with lifestyle changes to keep the pounds off. The small stomach created by weight loss surgery can only hold so much. Many weight loss surgery centers offer programs to help people shift to a healthier lifestyle before and after weight loss surgery.

Having sex is okay as soon as you feel up to it, but be extra careful with your healing incisions.

And almost all people who get weight loss surgery -- 95% -- say their quality of life improves, too.

Talk with your surgeon about taking pre-operative carbohydrate (CHO) supplements (usually in drink form).

While some studies show no benefit, others have found it to result in (3)(4): Do not rush back into your normal daily routine immediately after surgery, and don’t lift anything heavy for at least a few weeks.

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