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13-Dec-2019 14:03

Dominic West and Ruth Wilson don't get to do much laughing in their roles on the Showtime drama "The Affair," in which they star as a couple caught up in an adulterous romance that has devastating implications. It sets up one thing and then it turns it on its head in the second half.

The English actors spend much of their screen time looking tormented, but in person for a recent conversation about the Golden Globe-winning series and its postmodern take on relationships, both actors were quick with the jokes — particularly ones aimed at each other."The Affair" uses multiple viewpoints to tell the same story. I thought the ability to play two or three versions of yourself was exciting. It's such an obvious truism that there is very little objective reality, especially in personal relationships.

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West: When I was 8, we were in two cars, and my father, brother and one of my sisters were in the front car and they were very badly injured.