Consolidating data centers

22-Oct-2019 22:17

Saying the Army has dragged its feet for too long in implementing its share of the now seven-year-old Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, Army Secretary Eric Fanning has issued highly detailed orders to three-and-four star generals in the Army’s headquarters and functional and geographic commands, telling them precisely what must be done to close 60 percent of the service’s 1,200 data centers by the end of 2018 and 75 percent by 2025.The 88-page directive lays out in exquisite detail which centers must be closed and by what date, lamenting that the Army is devoting too much of its .3 billion IT budget to systems, applications and brick-and-mortar server facilities it does not need.The purpose of this Plan is to describe the planned actions of the Department of Defense (Do D) to implement FITARA and the guidance contained in Management and Budget (OMB) Memo M-15-14, and describe the Department's processes and procedures for managing its Information Technology (IT) investments.This memo provides amplifying guidance regarding Department of the Navy implementation of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authority delegated by the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (Do D CIO) to the Military Departments for the approval of all data server and data center related obligations, except as noted below: Existing data centers obligating development and/or modernization resources ...

From a data centre perspective, an environmental angle can also be added.Maintaining a piece of hardware is four to five times more costly than actually acquiring it.This will, of course, come as little surprise to CIOs and IT departments the world over who, particularly in times of economic stress, are focusing attention on reducing operational cost.Saving money, whether on Cap Ex or Op Ex, and keeping the business operational are entirely reasonable objectives.

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However, the true value of the IT department lies in its ability to make the wider business better — constantly striving to provide new applications and services that deliver real benefits for the individual and the business.“We can no longer afford the luxury of unconstrained IT expenses nor accept the risk to the Army and the nation posed by cyber threats directed against Army capabilities.” The same memo gives Army commands until the end of January to migrate their desktop and laptop computers to Windows 10, a target that was previously established by the Do D CIO but that the Army has had a difficult time meeting.

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