Diy updating an old trunks

22-Nov-2019 01:30

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It just means you should consider other chest or dresser makeover ideas.

Here are five ways to update an old dresser or chest: The easiest way to update an old dresser or chest (without giving it a proper refinishing) is to paint it.

It has reeded feet to keep it off the floor and make it look a bit more like a decorative table.

If you really want to embrace more of a steampunk style, characterized by a mix of Victorian era and industrial decor, an old trunk really does the trick.

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Mary still wanted to go take a look so once we got inside I changed my mind again and thought there's no harm in checking it out.Check out these two examples that were featured on Homedit.A lot of old trunks come in brown or black, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the trend altogether if you’re looking for a lighter option.You can go with black or white, but why not up the wow factor by painting it a fun color.

You can go soft and distressed or glossy and bright.

I’m SO excited to finally share my living room makeover with you today!