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And J…u cant play this game online anymore as the servers were shut down at the end of March. Although, you can play it in the Japanese version of resident evil outbreak, you can buy it online. She has been seen kissing other girls on and off the sets she is on.Jensen has been dating actress Daneel Harris known for her role in "One Tree Hill" for nearly three years. Some people say they even think she was dating a girl.Harris relocated to New York for the role and left the series in December 2004.Harris's first film role was in the short film The Plight of could you answer that question for jensen and you don't know him at all?You obviosuly can't separate fantasies from reality to well, for you to make crazy statements about my mom and myself!!!how could you answer that question for jensen and you don't know him at all?

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Unaware of her condition, Stan begins to date » - David Sztypuljak Screen Gems has released synopses and some first look images from their 2010 films and it’s all after the jump.

Jensen Ackles (born Jensen Ross Ackles) is an actor from Dallas.

you must take medication for your mental health problems... You know what you are/ A fritcake, because you are on this yahoo answers 24/7 talking about off the wall stuff, and when I checked your questions and answers on your profile, all you ever talk about is jensen ackles, and than you talk with no sense..

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Check out a new movie poster for the upcoming romantic comedy “The Back-up Plan,” featuring a shot of Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin.“The Back-up Plan” plot: The film centers on Zoe (Lopez), a single professional who’s biological clock is ticking. Right, but is ready to start a family so she goes to extreme measures to begin the process.Unaware of her condition, Stan begins to date Zoe and eventually falls in love with her.