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Check the content and continue operations following the displayed announcement.For Windows 2000® Users When downloading the security update with Windows 2000 Professional®, use the “Administrator” (single-byte alphabet and numbers) account.It is used to manage the library of ATRAC OMG/OMA and MP3 recordings on a PC.It was first used in VAIO PCs put on the Japanese market in October 2001, and superseded Open MG Jukebox.CMT-A50, CMT-A70, CMT-CPZ1, CMT-GPZ6, CMT-HPR90, CMT-HPZ7, CMT-HPZ9, CMT-U1BT, D-NE20, D-NE20LS, D-NE320, D-NE320SP, D-NE326CK, D-NE330, D-NE331, D-NE336CK, D-NE520, D-NE720, D-NE720LS, D-NE730, D-NE820, D-NE820LS, D-NE830, D-NE830LS, D-NE920, D-NE920LS, D-NF420, D-NF430, D-NF431, MZ-DH10P, MZ-NH1, MZ-NH600, MZ-NH700, MZ-NH900, MZ-NHF800, MZ-RH1, MZ-RH10, MZ-RH710, MZ-RH910, NW-A1000, NW-A3000, NW-A605, NW-A607, NW-A608, NW-A805, NW-A806, NW-A808, NW-E002F, NW-E003F, NW-E005F, NW-E013F, NW-E015F, NW-E016F, NW-E103, NW-E105, NW-E303, NW-E305, NW-E307, NW-E403, NW-E405, NW-E407, NW-E50, NW-E503, NW-E505, NW-E507, NW-E70, NW-E90, NW-E99, NW-HD1, NW-HD3, NW-HD5, NW-MS11, NW-MS6, NW-MS7, NW-MS70D, NW-MS77DR, NW-MS9, NW-MS90D, NW-S202F, NW-S203F, NW-S205F, NW-S23, NW-S603, NW-S605, NW-S703F, NW-S705F, NW-S706F, SSCP Ver.4.0, SSCP Ver.4.2, SSCP Ver.4.3, ZS-SN10, ZS-XN30 1.

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Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo are available.*The devices supported Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo only.6.Sonic Stage CP will be available as a free download from the end of the month, Sony said.Connect Player was launched last year and quickly drew fire from some users who complained the code introduced instabilities on host PCs.Version 2 was found on 2004 model products, and Version 3 on 2005 model products (Sony introduced native MP3 support on its music players in 2005).

The Sony Connect service was formerly used to purchase recordings online, and could be accessed from within the Sonic Stage program.However, Sony announced that on the 31 March 2008, its CONNECT download site would be going offline, therefore affecting Sonic Stage users.