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28-Dec-2019 14:54

The casual observer in Germany might be forgiven for thinking the Germans are oversexed.

Pornographic cinemas and blush-inducing sex shops are a familiar part of the urban landscape, while exposed breasts are a common sight on advertising billboards and magazine covers.

The report reveals that 33.5 percent of 15-year-old girls in Germany have had sex, while only 22.5 percent of boys of that age have divested themselves of their virginal status. German parents worried that little Wolfgang and Katja are embracing their sexuality (and each other) too soon may take some solace in the report's findings that at least German teens are careful.

The study shows that 94.9 percent of 15-year-old German girls used contraception the last time they had sex, compared to a slightly more lackadaisical 87.7 percent of boys.

With all that stimulating material around, it's not surprising that young Germans apparently have sex on the brain.

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Ohlala closed a small seed round in June to finance their August launch, but will fundraise again in the near future.A new German-based app wants to cut out the middleman in the sex-work trade by allowing customers to connect directly with escorts to arrange "paid dates." The app is called "Ohlala," and it has been dubbed the "Uber for escorts" by Tech Crunch.Recently, app creator Pia “Whatever those two people want to do — may it be to give company at a dinner or end up in bed together — is a private matter and should be agreed upon in the chat before meeting,” Poppenreiter told Tech Crunch.The request is received by all nearby escorts on the app who can then chat with the customer and work out an escort profiles are vetted via a phone call to make sure the appropriate people are using the app.

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Customers can sign up for free and their profiles are only seen by escorts considering their request.

Elmar Brähler, Professor for medicinal psychology at Leipzig University, told The Local that the difference lies in cultural attitudes to sex in the days of the GDR.

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