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Bachelor parties happen, beautiful women happen, money appears in your wallet from beginner's luck, dopamine levels spike. You're my friend and now you want 0 to walk us in? But that's just it, no one is really your friend here. I described it as a "hell hole." However if you do go down there expect morbidly obese Americans strolling up and down the road in search of the "Heart Attack Grill". Quick pump some more oxygen into the hotels, don't let people realise what is around them! "Come to XS," he grins, "it's hard to get in but if you are staying here we can help you out." Like hell you can.

Like a lot of other people on my first visit - I was hooked. Make no mistake, go any further and step into North Las Vegas and you're straight into a scene from the "Walking Dead." You have a perpetual feeling that outside of the Strip where they dazzle you with a volcano and fountains, the rest of the city came straight out of Huxley's "Brave New World." Police beating back the savages outside of the utopian city. One call to the concierge confirms they couldn't give a rat pack's ass if you are staying there, buy a table for 00 or stand in line for the rest of your holiday.

Yearly return trips with the boys were soon factored into work plans. He's a host at most of the top nightclubs on the Strip. " "Sure, that will cost you 0 instead." "0 to walk us in? Oh how I long for the days when a table minimum was 00. The girl at check in "Danielle", an Israeli girl is very sweet, I try to charm her for a room upgrade with some words in Hebrew, she is completely unmoved, she has been there and bought the bullshit before. Finally my American friend Gautam kindly flies in to see me from Los Angeles in his private plane.

Girlfriends told to deal with it for "mancation" was here to stay. I need a table, so I give him a call and I know it wont be a problem as we just spent the day at the Cosmopolitan playing tennis together. She hands me a slip of paper where it tells me for a fee I will get free internet, free use of the gym and I can print my boarding pass for free too. "How about no, it's compulsory." And that's the end of those negotiations. He is a VIP at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, he gets the comp'd room and the VIP host. "No Sir, we don't do cheeseburgers." He is disgusted with the request.

A Russian lady pays much more attention to her looks than an average American or European girl.

Did you know that in the United States about 40-60% of women suffer from extra weight (percentage depends on the state)?

Then, stay tuned for a fun leather bracelet tutorial.

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I walked into Las Vegas Airport's still shiny and new terminal 3 on my way home to London.

I proceed to the TSA line and check my phone to kill time on Mc Carran's free wi-fi.

An email reply has come from my best friend Nadir from medical school.

I wrote to him the previous night that I was done with Vegas for good. "Sir you can't sleep here." An argument ensues because the hotel has a pool policy that you can't sleep because security failed to notice some years ago that someone was not asleep, but rather they were dead. When you push cabana minimum spends on alcohol in 40 degrees, people are going to occasionally die.The ‘chastity squad’ members snatched her at the playground, poured hot water on her, and when she began shouting they beat her up,” said the resident who witnessed the incident.