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In 1959, Williams moved with his mother from Shreveport, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California by a Greyhound Lines bus.

His mother moved into a two-room apartment on the West Side of South Central Los Angeles.

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The patrolling robots will use wi-Ff to share what they see, sniff and hear.

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James Mc Lurkin has a novel party trick - he coaxes 20 small, autonomous wheeled robots to form herds, disperse, wheel in neat circles, sing a harmonic rendition of the Star Wars theme, and automatically recharge from a power station.

Mr Mc Lurkin, a postgraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is designing robots to work together to make collective decisions.

Donnie Mc Clurkin is the pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, a singer, a musician, songwriter, choir director, author, actor, and a radio host.