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That’s good or bad, depending on what you thought of the television show.

While I didn’t love it, I didn’t particularly hate it, either.

The gang grabs some coffee and E tells them he called Ashley; Sloan by mistake.

After giving E a hard time, Johnny all pumped up with confidence gives E some advice that is the basis of the episode name: just lie like a bed. E visits Ashley and decides to tell her the truth about calling her Sloan but decides to lie about how she was the one who recommended him for that job at a management agency. Drama wants another take but director Timothy Busfield of fame says it was perfect and they're moving on.

) by the finale, so I guess we can be happy for him. Johnny and Turtle have suffered plenty of humiliations over the past eight seasons, but they've finally hit paydirt.

Vince and Ari convince TV exec Phil to forgive Johnny for striking against "Johnny's Bananas," and after Vince promises a hefty donation to Phil's favorite charity, Phil agrees to greenlight the miners movie with Johnny in the starring role.

It was a very popular show, but I’m not so sure that the cast were ever very popular actors.

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Vince was also pretty good tonight as he's skewing younger by picking up college chicks with video cameras. Taking place a day after last week's ep and starting off with a bang the show opens with the Jamie-Lynn and Drama kissing scene for his show in the rain no less.This is the frames version of the list of Prolific Net Authors. They said it couldn't be done, but Doug Ellin and his crew finally did it.And best of all we finally get a new nemesis on the show. We haven't had a good once since Alan Gray dropped dead on the gold course last year. There is some trademark bad Johnny acting and then they kiss as the camera whip pans to Vince and E on set watching.

This episode called is the official mid-point this season and with only 6 episodes left it's about time Entourage gets rolling. The look on Turtle's face is priceless as Vince tries to console him.

It’s okay, and hardly worth the effort it might take to make a fuss about it. However, the screening I attended was packed, so I expect it will put up big numbers this weekend (it’s tracking to earn - million in the opening weekend), enough to even get a sequel greenlit, which is to say that Entourage probably won’t be out of your life anytime soon.

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