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26-Sep-2019 19:57

Well I get a chance to come out here and Wendy Dio is a good friend of mine and I like Rough Cutt and I love Dio Disciples and Lynch Mob is really good. My kids are into heavy metal, so I’m stuck in the car with them all the time so I’ve got to fucking listen. Well I’ve got a bunch of shows coming up with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. If you pirated the game and attempt to use online services on 3DS, you will be unable to do so.It seems to be a 15-day punishment if you haven’t committed similar acts before, but it’s permanent if you’ve stirred up trouble in the past.And I love Rough Cutt and you get to hear Dio Disciples and Lynch Mob. People don’t realize this but I like heavy metal music.

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Also, if you notice any information that is incorrect or out of date please let me know.

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