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Well if that number is typed into a desktop calculator with a Liquid Crystal Display, LCD, and the calculator is turned upside down then it sort of reads EGGSHELL.) Now try a really big prime number, a web search will reveal plenty, how about nineteen ones, 1111111111111111111, strangely this is a prime number.

Create a file called "/res/values/srings.xml" For now focus on the static definition for "static final class string".

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Most numbers typed in fail the test immediately, as most are not primes, and there is no problem with the response of the App.

Likewise for small prime numbers, such as the eggshell number 77345993.

It varies wildly, depending on the attitude and strength of the boy.

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Ella se ha quedado en casa pasando una borrachera y necesita que el le tienda la mano.we could have used these any where in the source code using the structure But interestingly this is an "int" and not a "String".