Ms word calendar control not updating

26-Jan-2020 04:35

DLL There is an additional to be aware of, however.

If you create a reference to the Microsoft Calendar 8.0 Object Library using Word 97, and then subsequently save your project in Word 2000, Word gets it's knickers in a twist.

It seems to change the reference on the fly from Calendar 8.0 to Calendar 9.0, and provided the user has Microsoft Calendar installed your code runs okay.

But it does not display the reference to either version of Calendar under Tools References.

If you want to use a calendar wizard in 2013, try Greg Maxey’s Calendar Maker add-in.

The wizard allows you to select one of three designs, the page orientation, and whether to allow room for a 7.5″ x 3.5″ picture.

When I moved my project to other PC with Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2013 32-bit it stopped working.

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I am also unsure at this time as to whether Office 2003 was affected, but have not seen any mention of a patch if it was.Article contributed by Dave Rado If a user gets this error message and when you go into debug you find that the VB functions Mid, Left and Right aren't being recognised as valid, it almost certainly means that there is a reference to something which is not installed or not registered properly on their machine.(Well that's better than the following Lotus Notes error message I once got – and I kid you not: *?!I`m running out of ideas and tutorials, so maybe some of You had ran into this type of problem and have solution?

It's best that you just abandon your search for a Microsoft solution.*~*) As a first step, compare the references on their machine with those on yours.

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